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Local Harvest Market

Online farmer's market for local fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs in Alexandria Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Peak Flavor...Peak Nutrition

Food grown a few miles from home can be picked and delivered to you when it tastes its best and has the highest nutritional value. It also provides access to unique varieties.

Build a Strong Community

Supporting local farmers keeps our dollars working to benefit the community. Local food also creates a culture that promotes living longer, healthier and happier lives.

Protect your Resources

Knowing where your food comes from allows you to be informed on the care given to the soil and animals that produce your food. Food grown close to home also reduces the fuel and materials required to transport.

About Us

Local Harvest Market Co. is a regional food hub in Alexandria, MN. It was formed by a group of west central Minnesota producers and consumers primarily to build a market bridge between local farmers and local consumers.

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We have temporarily discontinued wholesale deliveries until we can develop the scale needed to compete in the wholesale distribution business.  Please check back with us next year.

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Our small family farms preserve the heritage of locally and sustainably grown food.

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Our customers enjoy the freshest fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs raised by their local farmers.

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