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Our Producer Standards

Producers for Local Harvest Market Co. will strive for sustainability by:

  • Producing crops and livestock in a way that promotes soil conservation, water quality, food safety, and conservation of native ecosystems
  • Using soil conservation methods such as crop rotation and diversity, minimum and reduced tillage, cover crops, compost and manures, and grazing; using methods to improve soil organic matter and overall health
  • Protecting water quality and conserving ground and surface water through the use of methods such as perennial crops, targeted and limited irrigation; applying the appropriate amount of fertilizer/manure at the appropriate time to prevent run-off; and using buffer strips on riparian land
  • Restoring and preserving native ecosystems, including the preservation of remnant prairie sod, wetlands and oak savanna
  • Raising crops in a beneficial way to pollinators, including eliminating the use of pesticides proven to harm pollinators
  • Eliminating the use of GMO crops with known risks, or GMO crops that encourage over-application of herbicides
  • Minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides; use only within an integrated nutrient and pest management system

Producers for Local Harvest Market Co. will strive for excellence in animal health and welfare by:

  • Providing clean, healthy environments for animals without over-crowding or over-grazing; providing access to pasture
  • Feeding animals local, sustainably grown crops and forages;
  • Limiting the use of antibiotics; using fail-safe methods to prevent antibiotic contaminated animal products from reaching the market
  • Limiting the use of hormones and steroids, accept as prescribed by a veterinarian (e.g., as a treatment for respiratory infection)

Producers of value-added products for Local Harvest Market Co. will strive for sustainability by:

  • Using as many ingredients as possible from local producers
  • When ingredients cannot be sourced locally, seek out ingredients that were grown using sustainable farming methods, fair trade, and fair labor practices